I Was Your Biggest Fan

We heart it@xxlanamxx

I was your biggest fan. I used to be obsessed with what you did. Growing up, I wanted to be like you. Any time you looked my way, I would light up inside. I would day dream of what our lives would look like; all the trips, parties, cars and homes. We would take on the world, and everybody would be jealous. Something happened though. You got sick and went away for a little bit. Everything changed that day in the car. Sometimes I wonder what if we would have crashed.

It’s not your fault that she got sick. There’s nothing you could have done. I get it, life sucked. I hated it that you were sick. You were not the same person, and I resented you. I blamed you for fighting for the future. You were my hero, but you had fallen. I needed you to get up. You went away and were too cool to be seen with me. I hope being drunk was worth it. How can a person who could make me laugh and make me cry leave me behind? You started over, too bad I couldn’t support you. You made your decision, and I made mine. How did we get so off track? This is not at all what we planned. You went away for good, which is insane because you had nine lives. How did time run out? Someone told me that we were born to die. I guess I couldn’t save my hero. Time caught up with you. I miss you. My hero died in high school, and you were the shell of who you used to be. No disrespect, I just miss what could have been. See you down the road.