One Moment, Please

It was a crisp, cool November night. The trail was lit by lights from the park. I was running and thinking. Running clears my head. It makes my anxiety and mistakes more manageable. I saw the patrol car that is parked there almost every night. They are a staple in my routine. Thank God they were there that night. I was crossing the road and out of the corner of my eye I saw something white. That exact moment I was hit by a car. I pushed off the car and hit the ground. Everything else is a little fuzzy. I do remember seeing a tire run over my foot. I got up. It felt like an out-of-body experience. I wasn’t scared. I didn’t hurt. I knew I was hit, and I needed to move because other cars might come. I remember sitting down and saying out loud that I needed to breathe and that I was okay. I wasn’t saying it to the girl who hit me or to her passenger or to the cops. I was trying to convince myself. I kept telling the girl that it was okay. I wasn’t going to yell at her because what was the point? It already. had happened, and she was upset. I just sat there telling myself to breathe; that I was gonna be okay. The sweetest three little boys came over to me. The boys asked if they could pray for me. I felt at peace. The adult with them told me that my guardian angel was with me. I thought, “Yep, my brother was running with me. Even though you can’t see him, I can feel him with me.” I was gonna be okay.

The ambulance came and brought me to the hospital. Thank you to the EMTs who kept me talking and took care of me. Thank you to my roommate for coming down to be with me. I was in the ER for four hours while they x-rayed and checked out my scraps and bruises.Thankfully, surprisingly, nothing was broken, though I felt like every part of my body was aching. All I wanted to do was cry. Not because I was in pain, but because I was frustrated. The girl who hit me got a ticket and a court date. I got scans, pain, soreness, swelling, and cuts. I had to stop my life because of her. I had plans for that night, and they didn’t include the ER and doctors.

The next few days I accepted what had happened and moved on. I wasn’t going to get upset and realized everything happens for some reason. I had to heal and take some time off from running. I got some things checked off my list that were collecting dust and wearing out my pen. I had to slow down and ask my friends for help. I’m pretty stubborn and hate asking for help.

The best thing that came from. the experience. was that it reminded me of how beautiful life is and not to take it for granted. I got a second chance and new motivation. How and why did I survive that with minor injuries? Life can end before you know it. I’m very lucky that I walked away from this accident. The nurses told me that I was the third person that night to be hit by a car. This is sad. Please pay attention when you are driving. Pedestrians and cyclists make sure you are making smart decisions, too. Vehicles need time to stop, and drivers can not always see you. Please keep each other safe.

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