Oops, I Did Not See You There

We heart it@chaew_n. Kim Chi

People. So interesting. I have the best job for people watching. I suppose anybody who works in the service industry who deals with the general public could say that. I mean, one minute I have someone so high they have their hands in their pants, and the next minute, the most innocent 7 year old is asking me if I have toys in the store. I also have interesting team members, coworkers, and bosses, but the guest is the one to watch. Now before you jump down my throat, calm down. I’m not attacking anyone. I just notice people and their behaviors. Half of my job deals with people and their behaviors. I manage situations, so yes, I am doing a lot of people watching. I’m not obvious; I’m not taking notes, but I notice. How do you think I know how to handle what you’re about to say to me. No, I am not a mind reader. I probably overheard you when you were “talking” with a member of my team. I make a mental note of all kinds of behavior, good or bad, so that I can manage better in the future. Please, try to remember that when you decide to yell at a store employee, you are affecting their day, their coworkers’ day, and their bosses’ day. People in the industry say public outbursts don’t. bother them. They are lying. They feel it when they get yelled at. I know because I am the person they go to to vent about a guest. Other shoppers notice bad behaviors, too. Hopefully, they are thinking, “I would never act like that.” We are all people deserving of respect. Make a difference.

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