A List of Unique and Unusual Animals Encountered On Our Family Vacation

(Those Not Common to either Los Angeles or Chicago)

July 25
1:00 prairie dog

July 26
10:00 prairie dogs (x 2)
12:00 Redtailed Hawk
1:00 dear
1:15 chipmunk
3:45 hummingbird chasing a squirrel
4:10 osprey carrying a fish
5:00 marmot on a log
8:15 moose in a meadow
8:18 maybe a baby elk
8:19 Wait there’s a whole herd of elk. There’s like three to four dozen elk here.
8:38 five point elk buck

July 27

11:01 A male moose like 200 feet away from the Cabin
2:00 A small herd of regular sheep
2:01 four alpaca that have been shorn
2:30 A pack of alpaca
5:15 an osprey in the backyard
8:51 Matt thinks he saw a bat
8:53 Matt confirms bat sighting

July 28

7:06 Matt saw an Osprey, he thought it was carrying a mouse

July 29

10:22 One pelican
10:25 three more pelicans and two Osprey
10:35 three Osprey babies
11:20 boat ride recap: one deer on an island, multiple multiple Osprey, and maybe a second pelican

Thanks to my sister-in-law for compiling.

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