Hey folks, been a while since I uploaded after having a child and buying a home… 👋🏼😅 Here’s a detailed, minimal, and beautiful Destiny Chrome theme. 2K resolution sized tab background of the traveler for you folks with large displays. There’s even a little floating Destiny logo in the tab toolbar! 😉

If you enjoy it, please rate 5 🌟 If you have any feedback or issues, please also leave it on the Chrome web store page. Thanks, and enjoy!

Grab it here: http://bit.ly/2yqvJ4u

P.S. Go check out my other Chrome themes that might interest you, in the Related tab once you’re on the store page. 🙃

P.P.S. I published this story through Uplabs, founded by Matt Dellac. It’s a fantastic dribbble alternative!

Creating that sweet, but healthy, eye-candy

My BMW iRemote Android Wear concept

“That looks awesome!”, a lot of us say when we see parallax scrolling on a website or app. It’s something that has really taken off the last few years. Some memorable ones for me were the uber popular Nike site, Greenpeace’s Into the Arctic, and Justin Timberlake’s product experience page for The 20/20 Experience album. (I’ll include some of my current favorites at the end.)

So. Besides all the Ooo’s 😮 and Ahhh’s 😃, there are other reasons to use parallax scrolling. Not to get too far into them, here’s a brief list of some reasons:

  • Presentation
  • User engagement and…

Tables. *cringe* We hate them, but we can’t live without them. They’re definitely handy for displaying a lot of listed data in an organized way, but at the same time they just feel… meh 😑

Server information

Personally, I’ve designed so many tables over the years. You have all these different objects to resize, move, select and on and on! The worst part about them, is when it comes to resizing them for different views, screen sizes, etc., in what ever design app you’re using.

In this case, we’re talking about Sketch (obviously). Today though, we’re not just talking about any old…

Reony Tonneyck

Senior Product Designer @qomplxos • Cool Dad • PC Gamer • @figmadesign Community Advocate, @FOF_DC • #BlackLivesMatter • Home is where the 👨‍👩‍👦 is

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