Four Down Territory: Week 13


What on earth does Jeff Fisher have on the Rams front office? Seriously, I can’t think of one good reason why Los Angeles gave him a two year extension. The same Jeff Fisher who couldn’t find his challenge flag Sunday. The same Jeff Fisher who banned the greatest player in team history from the sideline. The same Jeff Fisher that gave us this gem during hard knocks. This season should be considered a success if he even sniffs 7–9. I’m going to be mediocre at my place of employment and when I get called into my supervisor’s office I’ll put on a fake mustache and deflect blame. Maybe that’s the key to getting raises. I’ll keep you posted.

Let’s start the drive.

1st Down: This time last year Carolina was dabbing their way into our hearts, well the hearts of people who like to have fun. The “get of my lawn” crew members like Mike Ditka were in a corner reminiscing about the time when football was “classy” and you handed the ball to the ref after you scored. It sounds like you’d have more fun a funeral than an NFL game back in the day.

Back to the Panthers.

The fall from grace is like something we haven’t seen in a long time. It may seem like they were one hit wonders but I don’t believe that to be the case. Did Josh Norman mean that much to Carolina? To a degree but not enough for this free fall. Their Super Bowl hangover was real and they weren’t ready to get everyone’s best shot week in and week out. Many, including myself, thought that the return of Kelvin Benjamin would make this team more dangerous but that hasn’t been the case. The team hit rock bottom Sunday night not only because the shellacking Seattle gave them but Cam’s mysterious absence during the first drive. Ron Rivera said Cam was out because he didn’t wear a tie while traveling, breaking the team’s dress code. Rivera said he sat Cam to show that everyone is treated equally on the team, no matter who they are.

lol. Okay, Ron. Don’t forget that if it weren’t for Cam you would have been unemployed a loooong time ago.

2nd Down: Sam Bradford throwing short of the sticks, Larry Fitzgerald being productive, and Tom Brady winning. Those are the only guarantees in the NFL. Sunday he led a Gronk-less (for the rest of the year, by the way) team to a win over the Rams. It seems like no matter what comes in Brady’s path he finds a way, legal or not (allegedly), to overcome. He might be 39 but who would be shocked if he was kissing the Lombardi in February?

3rd Down: Staying in the AFC East let’s all take a moment to look at the Jets’ quarterback situation. The short summary: it’s trash. The long summary: that organization is clueless on everything but linemen. Here’s a depth chart, healthy or not, of the Jets’ quarterbacks.

Geno Smith

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Christian Hackenberg

Bryce Petty

Most NFL rosters carry two quarterbacks and maybe one on the practice squad. Carrying four active qbs is not a good sign, at all. Having Ryan Fitzpatrick as your starter out of the four is an the worst sign of all. If the draft were today the Jets would be picking 5th. Why not make if five quarterbacks and pick one that can actually do more good than harm? Just a thought.

4th Down: 4DT is usually written with a light heart and its design is to make your day a little better. This down, though, is going to be a serious. Last week Joe McKnight was murdered in New Orleans. A man decided that it was okay to take Joe’s life all due to a minor driving incident. The details of the altercation are startling and scary. To stand over a man’s body and shoot shows signs of something deeper than road rage. The culprit, Ronald Gasser, was charged for manslaughter but only after the police decided it was okay to let him go due to the equivalent of the Stand Your Ground law. That’s the same law that allowed George Zimmerman to kill Trayvon Martin, a teenager btw, and get off without punishment. Gasser being charged is a start but don’t be surprised when he’s acquitted and walks away a free man. They always do. Especially when Barney Fife is running the show. That is, unless you carry the same complexion as Cardell Hayes.

Extra Tidbits: Long live Marquette King aka the dopest punter to ever walk a football field. Earl Thomas considering retirement is more proof that the NFL culture is changing. Players are now thinking long term and are more concerned about their health. The College Playoff Committee got it right, stop complaining.

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As always, thanks for reading.

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