**IMPORTANT** I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. I am just a person who’s worked with a ton of startups, read a ton of legal agreements, and applied common sense. Always talk to a lawyer about company formation and equity agreements. Maybe this will give you an “agenda” that helps keep that meeting and your attorney’s billable hours to a minimum.

I talk with a lot of founders. It’s kinda my thing. Lately, I’ve been having the same convo a lot: A founder is working on a new thing, even beta testing with real customers…

“Sports betting, once relegated to Nevada casino corners and black-market online bookies, is about to go mainstream in a big way.” — Wired

On May 14 2018, SCOTUS backed the state of New Jersey’s challenge to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in a 6–3 ruling. PASPA was a 1992 law that banned states other than Nevada from operating a sports book. While that decision doesn’t immediately legalize online gambling in the US, it does allow individual states to pass their own laws, creating excitement around online sports betting in the US. …

Growing up my mom was SUPER opposed to gift cards. Terribly inconvenient when you’re 14, going to a lot of birthday parties, and you aren’t even *that* great of friends with the birthday boy/girl. It’s always awkward when you give some pseudo-friend an artistic necklace and their face immediately reads “weird” before they throw out an obligatory ‘thanks’ so they can move on to the next card of cash. Thanks, Momma.

As with many things in life, it turns out she was right. Great gifts can change your life. Cash rarely does.

Mine was forever bettered by a typewriter, a…

The ability to survive politically depends upon the capacity of others to produce economically.

Robert H. Bates

The formation of societies is a tricky business. On one hand, the power granted allows the ruling class the ability to impart policies that support economic growth and prosperity.

On the other, political directives ensure stability and security necessary for continued investment in the economic landscape.

Robert Bates’ thesis stems from a historical perspective of the economic and political development of societies. Since the beginning of human history, basic societies have formed rules and structure around the idea that in order to grow, groups must invest in new ventures and delay gratification of gains. …

Meaghan Barbin

Working with great startups, focused on growth. Always up for an adventure, a good story, or a belly laugh.

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