Bitter Pill

A Letter from Anthem

“We want to let you know that the monthly premium for your health plan will be changing next year. … The AVERAGE [emphasis mine] proposed increase is 21.2%, but the actual rate of change varies from -0.6% [read young and healthy — not much of a break, really] to 35% [read 50-something cancer survivor] depending on your age, where you live, and the type of plan you have. Additionally, your final premium will be lower if you are eligible for subsidies under a Marketplace plan [which will be repealed by 2018 if the Republicans have anything to do with it].”

Most likely every Maine Anthem customer received the same letter yesterday as it was, ostensibly, to alert customers to the pubic hearing being held by the Maine Bureau of Insurance (responsible for regulatory review of rate hikes) on July 18.

Did Anthem time their mailing because even it is made nervous by the secret Senate plan to repeal the ACA? As one of the only insurers in Maine, does it want citizens to lean on Republican Sen. Susan Collins to stop the madness?

I can’t say, but the timing couldn’t be better if they wanted to instigate an uprising.