Credit Where Credit is Due

The American Philosopher tossed out this unattributed image in a 3/17/17 piece grousing about the National Endowment for the Arts:

image: MOWA

He simply labeled it Our awesome Museum for the Arts, no NEA necessary.

As a published designer, I thought it rude in the extreme that he gave no credit to the photographer, designer or the museum itself for this image. It especially galled me because he posted a piece today on how to attack Jaden Violet, leading with:

Medium does have a policy on copyright infringement, …

Yes, it does.

Plus, why tout the museum’s awesomeness then deny the opportunity to visit? My Chamber of Commerce would have my head if I wrote about my town’s glories then neglected to point to the map.

Luckily the West Bend, WI, Chamber has me to do them a solid.

This lovely edifice is located on the Milwaukee River and belongs to the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA). It was designed in 2013 by HGA Architects and Engineers of Milwaukee and won numerous local and state-wide awards. You can read all about them on the MOWA page featuring this photo.