I am scared of disappointing you’ll and myself. I am scared I will lose my voice on the stand that I have fought so hard to find here. I am scared of letting down any women who may or may not cross his path in the future.
Meg Barclay ,
Jennifer Marie Gady

Dear, dear Jennifer Killgore . You will not let us down no matter what happens. We are here to support you.

It is natural to be afraid. You would have to be super-human or insensible not to have anxiety about what you are about to do.

But you are strong. I know this because you have come this far. Please trust in your strength and the power of your voice, which is eloquent.

One of my mottos is: It’s OK to be afraid. Just don’t let fear stop you.

This motto has helped me through a lot, because I used to have this idea that, if I was afraid, I shouldn’t do something. But what I needed was not fearlessness, but the courage to do things despite my fear.

I’ll be thinking of you all day, as will so many others. Please keep us posted as to how you are.

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