Meg, I understand what you mean about ‘dealing’ with people weaker than oneself though I question…
Renée S

Dear Literary Alchemist,

My story that started the thread, “I recognized you by my scar,” is an absolutely true story of my experience of being bullied and then taking vengeful satisfaction in the tables having been turned.

Perhaps I should have used a more specific term than weakness, because I did not intend to imply weakness of the spirit on the part of the bullied, nor strength of the spirit on behalf of the bully. What I intended to express was that bullies pick on those who are of lower status (physical, economic, social, racial, gender, … the list goes on). As the saying goes, “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”

The point I aim to make in the piece is that bullies are created. Having been made insecure by being bullied themselves, they seek to feel better about themselves by treating others poorly.