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Exactly. Because human. I do not think you owe me, or any other woman, anything other than the respect due one human being to another. I owe you, or any other man, no more or no less.

Binary thinking is the problem. But it is where we are at as a society.

Once again, that is why I framed my question:

What if a man was talking about grabbing other men by the crotch?

It takes gender out of the equation. It becomes man-on-man sexual assault. It becomes human-on-human assault. It frames the question as how we should treat one another as humans.

I could just have easily said:

What if a woman was talking about grabbing other women by the crotch?

Equally repugnant. But, you see, women haven’t been the subset of humans dismissing this statement as banter.

Men, including you, have been dismissive of the casual violence of those words.

This has nothing to do with dictating the terms of manhood. This has to do with treating other humans with respect.

I’m not looking for your apology. You don’t need to redeem yourself. I believe you when you say that you used to be concerned with what women had to say. From what you have written elsewhere, you sound like you treat your women clients with respect.

From the way you write, you sound so bitter. I hope this is just the way you express yourself and not who you are.