It will keep my arthritis at bay and help with the injuries I’ve sustained over the years.
You’re FIRED!

First, congratulations on your plan. You sound like you are really looking forward to it.

As you make your plan, I just want to add a note of realism from my experience.

I don’t know anything about what kind of shape you are in, but you mentioned arthritis and injuries, so …

I teach dance, TRX, and the LIVESTRONG program at our local Y. When I first started teaching, I was all “Woo hoo!” Then I found out my body had limits. I could only sustainably handle about 2.5 hours/day of classes where I was instructing by physical example. I tried 3.75/day for a month and it trashed me.

I bring this up because you might want to think about the number of hours you want to teach and how that will affect your income.

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