Wondering if this “no work no eat” rule applies to everyone or just you?
Pat Putnam

For starters, Pat Putnam, I only apply it to myself. My dogs would never eat otherwise. (Hahaha)

I do have a very broad definition of work. That was what I was trying to explain when I said, “There was some way each of us could contribute, no matter how limited our ability.” And I didn’t mean paid work was the only work. For me, work is helping out, pure and simple. It could be helping people, animals, the planet, whatever.

Of course life can turn on a dime. When I was laid up in the hospital for two weeks with a perforated colon, I couldn't do diddly. But, come to think of it, I didn’t get to eat either. Or is having an IV for sustenance cheating?

Consider this for yourself, Gerard Mclean: my code allows me to build up work brownie points. If I do my best most of the time, I’m allowed a vacation or a sick spell. If I live an overall contributory life, I will have earned the care others will take of me should I become useless. I really hope I figure out how not to become useless, but that’s always a possibility.

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