Introvert Or Wranky
Classical Sass

Ha ha ha! I always thought I’d be a kick-ass spy (except #morals) and now I know why.

I had my astrology chart done once. I am not a flake (let alone a felicia. WTF?). It was a birthday present, so just shut up. Anyway, the chart had all the thingies on one side. The astrologer goes, “You are a complete extrovert.” And I am like, “I have no inner life. LOL! The unexamined life is the only one worth living!”

But really. No. Total crock. She also said I should be a minister, not a spy, so …

Moving on … Interactions = stage presence = exhausting. Battery low …. must recharge in deep hidey hole with dog = unconditional no-talking acceptance.

Back to writing a ghost story. Relaxing!

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