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I am sorry to have expressed myself in a way that made you disappointed in me. I in no way was telling you how you should feel or express yourself.

I was expressing how I felt. I thought I was opening up a conversation, not stepping on your piece. I thought we knew eachother well enough that I could do that.

I was expressing that I had learned something from a TCM practitioner that I took to heart. The reason I did that is because I know that you know about the principles of TCM, and I wanted you to know that a lesson from that practitioner had changed my view of anger.

Also, when I write you publicly, I am not just writing to you, but to everyone who might read my words. I made that TCM explanation long, not for you (if it was just you, I could have made it a cryptic aside), but for people who might not know what I was talking about.

I am a person very prone to anger. But I had been taught it was a bad thing, one of the 7 Deadly Sins. This TCM practitioner opened my eyes as to how I used it as a motivating force. And this was true. I am motivated by anger. Now I feel confident in my anger rather than ashamed.

But, for me, I don’t wish to become destructive or mean. I prefer to figure out how I can channel my anger in some constructive way and be kind. Am I always successful? No.

I was surprised to see so many children at the march. I told my husband he needed to stay home because we couldn’t have the both of us arrested. What would happen to the dogs? (LOL) Who would bail me out or find me a lawyer. Here in Maine with our unballanced governor, I fully expected things could go bad.

Apparently others did not. Or, perhaps the presence of children prevented that. Who knows what conversations were had behind closed doors?

Anyway, I am sorry to have done wrong in expressing myself on your thread. And here I have done it again because how can I apologize without an explanation.

Angry at me or not, I appreciate your views.

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