How is this utterly low statistic any different from our white response to Black Lives Matter?
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Classical Sass

What if it were a guy’s crotch?

I found it telling that all the “it’s their own damn fault” responses to my BLM letter came from men.

I suspect women — a great portion of us knowing what it’s like to not feel safe in “ordinary” situations, understanding what it feels like to be disbelieved, and knowing what it feels like to have the blame for a crime shifted onto us as victim (if only you hadn’t…existed) — are more willing to accept that there is a problem.

I laugh at all the guys who, as their rationale for having a problem with homosexuality, say, “I don’t want some random guy hitting on me. That’s just creepy.”

Dude, this and way worse is what it is like to be a woman. Grow up.

Imagine if Trump had said he could just grab guys by the crotch and get away with it? …. Got that picture, guys? … This is why it’s not ok.

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