I have a general rule for these sorts of things, respond once.
Edwardo Lobo

I have a similar but modified version, Edwardo. I keep my first response polite but firm. I like to hold the door open for a potential troll to show a more human side. If they do, I am willing to engage. If they come back at me with a bunch of garbage, I give them a piece of my mind and slam the door.

I, too, take H. Nemesis Nyx position that readers need to have access to counter arguments, whether or not the writer I am rebutting is worth talking to. I also feel it important to support other writers I respect when they are attacked.

I see SF Ali needs no help from me. 😉 My guess is that Ryder creep went after him (such a mistake!) to piggyback on SF’s exposure. Sad really.

My fantasy, SF, is, if this guy goes to trial for some hate crime/rape, you provide the court with his screen shots. Wouldn’t that be rich?

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