True colors are shown during hard times.
Light It Up (Day 7)
Tre L. Loadholt

I lived on a boat for two years (long story, not glamorous — as in only a bucket to shit in not glamorous — but that’s another story). From that experience I came to the conclusion that, if you really wanted to know someone’s true character, spend some time with them on a boat. Shit goes sideways fast, and that’s when you find out who they truly are.

We are all in the same boat, the rudder’s broke, and the storm is bearing down. If the crew can’t work together, we are truly fucked.

I am so sorry you faced this today, Tremaine L. Loadholt . You are so good and wise. What you did! I think it’s the only hope. The crew has to isolate and contain the bad actors who are trying to sabotage our ship with hate.

Peace and light to you,


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