(202) Little White Lies We Tell Children
Classical Sass

Detail of In the Dumps, Maurice Sendak & Art Spiegelman, New Yorker, 9/27/1993

I love the illustrations, because what could be more gruesome than fairy tales unwashed by Disney? This shielding of children is a newish thing, and I think (as did Maurice Sendak) that it has more to do with protecting adults’ ideals of childhood than it does about children’s abilities to comprehend the world they see. (This whole excerpted cartoon is so worth following the link.)

I grew up with Struwwelpeter/Slovenly Peter. No pussyfooting around there.

No, Mistress! No! Don’t touch the matches!
Stop! Please stop!
When in mourning, it is important to dress appropriately. Black bows are a good start. Ashes to ashes.

Translated (or not) from the original German by Meg Barclay.