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I, too, have experienced the behavior of someone commeting negatively then blocking me so I can’t respond. I call this behavior (which also I see in real life but in different contexts) “throwing bombs and running away.”

I find it the height of cowardice to shit all over someone’s post then retreat beyond the wall of a block. Maybe I should just enjoy thinking I am so scary (oooooo, big, bad Meg) that they can’t handle my words coming back at them. More likely, they want to look like heros to their like-minded followers, who are then prevented from reading a rebuttal. “Oh look!” they will say. “Fred got in the last word. He sure showed her. Fred’s the man.”

People are strange. I’ve had people with, apparently, no other life send me the same message over and over (we’re talking 5 to 10 times). I’ve had them find my work email and fill it with nonsensical religious spam. It makes me think they are mentally unstable.

I love having reasoned, dispassionate debates. But if someone just wants to climb on my shoulders to rant or seems creepy, I do not need that in my life. I wouldn’t put up with it in person, so why would I on the Internet?

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