This is a big one. Every day I have to remember I woke up on the right side of the dirt today.

Not Fade Away

I second Ezinne Ukoha . Nobody needs to be invisible unless they want to be.

I once read the story of a woman who walked down an urban street with Marilyn Monroe. No one was paying any attention because Marilyn was not broadcasting her personality. Marilyn turned to her companion and said, “Want to see something?” Marilyn proceeded to turn on her “star” and everyone suddenly saw her.

Invisibility is a sorceress’ tool. Study it. Use it. It is a cloaking of your light, shrunken body language, averted gaze.

The opposite is allowing your star shine, projecting your personality, occupying space, looking boldly. Just another tool.

I’m 56, and I am thrilled I no longer get unwanted attention of a sexual nature. But, I have found invisibility is my choice, a tool to be used when it is better not to be seen.

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