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Oh jaden violet , I am so sorry for not stepping in. I thought, on account of my being white, that it would only make it worse:

“Look! The Asian chick gets her white friends to defend her!”

I was really hoping some black people would step in to support you. I am sorry no one did.

I don’t have any problem with black people, green people, pink people, aliens, whomever writing about Anglo history. As long as they do their research and aren’t shooting from the hip, I think the more perspectives the merrier. So I didn’t think there was much to argue about there, the only place that I, as a white person, really had any “authority.”

Does Kindra write well about Tudor history? I don’t know. I haven’t bothered to look because, from her sentence construction read in your exchanges with her, I don’t have an interest in delving more into her work.

I do care how you feel. And I do care about what you write. I have learned a lot from you, especially from some of the exchanges you have had with white men following a piece. Those take aways can be applied to ANY human interaction, regardless of race. They are lessons in respect.


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