Patsy Starke

Patsy Starke, the way submission works is, now that I have added you as a writer, go to any piece you want to submit, previously published or not, and, at the right, click on the three dots. This will give you a drop-down menu, one option of which is “add to publication.” Click on that, and you will be given a list of publications for which you are a writer. Then choose “Resistance Poetry.” Voila!

It should wind up in my inbox.

As far as rules go, my only rules are, it has to be poetry of any kind and it can’t be trollish (playing that one by ear). I will look over your work and if I notice what I think is a typo or unintentional error of any kind, I’ll PM you and ask if you intended it to be written the way it appears, just in case you want to change it.

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