“Is there a better term?
Rev. Fred Denial

Reverend, do you enjoy “snowflake” because it distinguishes itself from “trigger” and “woke” by being a term of disparagement? I ask, because I know you love snark. (Oh! Did I just employ an overworked word there? The poor thing is panting. Mea culpa!)

I respect the humble snowflake. Get enough of them together with the wind at their back and they can stop steel and bring a city to its knees. But I digress.

Do you feel it is your job to chastise others for word choices which displease you and then instruct them on the proper way to lead lives you know little about? How very priestly of you. You have earned your title honestly.

What I find annoying — but by no means triggering, I assure you — is when people who seldom or never write creatively criticize those who do. I have to ask myself what kind of need drives them. Do they get a little rush? There must be some return on the effort.

“Hypocrite!” you intone from the pulpit. “It is you who are criticizing me!”

So true. I usually pay no heed to uninteresting responses. Lord knows, there’s enough to read without getting tangled in every Tom, Dick and Fred’s comment thread. But, TeriJo called this one to my attention, so here I am.

I have to say, responding like this gave me a little rush. So there’s that.