This story makes me aware that no matter how much I empathise , I can never fully comprehend the…

smokey said it for me. I can never comprehend your experience. I’ve had crimes committed against me, and never once did I consider the race of the perpetrator as a factor that I needed to consider, a factor that would matter in how the police dealt with the person should they be caught. That shows my ignorance.

The only time I was able to positively identify a person, it was a white guy, someone who seemed like a meth-addict (though I don’t really know) from his crazy and violent behavior. I can tell you that, for me, actually fingering a person rather than giving a vague description was gut wrenching and terrifying. Though I knew precisely who it was, had no doubt, even knew where he lived, it was gut-wrenching because I felt like judge and jury condemning this fellow being to I didn’t know what. It was terrifying because, if I had to testify in court and he got off, he might retaliate against me. He knew where I lived, too.

But I also felt it was my responsibility to the community at large to stand up for everyone’s safety (because he was violent) and say, yes, this person did this thing. For weeks I lived in fear. Luckily, he pled out and I didn’t have to testify.

So, walkerjojones, my heart goes out to you. I am so glad you are unharmed. I wish you peace.

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