Did I miss a thing about dance training??
Classical Sass

So, Classical Sass , to explain, along with my architecture gig, I teach a bunch of movement stuff.

I used to do performance-level African dance (Don’t laugh at me. Stop.), but my mentor died and my other teacher stopped teaching and things fell apart and my trashed hip hurts bc #aging and you get the picture.

Anyway, now one of the forms I teach is Nia bc #lowimpact. The founder, Debbie Rosas, is in Bean Town this weekend doing a choreography workshop and another on working with people with health issues (good because I lead a cancer survivor fitness program at my Y).

So, I’m staying with a friend and hoping my poor infirm doggie does ok without me for the weekend. He’s a momma’s boy and gets mopey when I go away. I would never have signed up for the workshops if he had been feeble at the time. So, sigh, fingers crossed he’s not stressing too much.

I think that’s why I kind of melted down in an empathy puddle when I read your piece.

But, it’s the city, so no one even noticed.