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So interesting. I, like Linda, consider myself socially liberal and fiscally conservative. However, I define those terms differently than you, Larry Couch .

For me, being socially liberal has nothing to do with big or small government. It has to do with civil liberties and protecting the little guy from being harmed by the more powerful.

My fiscal conservativism has nothing to do with deregulation, privatization, low taxes or small government. It has to do with the principal that government should pay for itself, not become indebted to foreign interests. For example, the government should pay for its wars.

I used to be a Republican until Regan, who everyone lauds as a conservative hero. He did two things that drove me from the party.

Under Regan, government became increasingly interested in policing morality, which I found in conflict with both privacy and religious freedom. And, under Regan, there was un-financed spending based on the irresponsible, feel-good economic hogwash that tax cuts pay for themselves.

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