All of this.
Classical Sass

So this came across my Twitter feed today:

Like your “internet attention is worthless” article, it got me thinking about my issues.

And what about the violin and all that other stuff we practiced and practiced as kids till we were good enough to trot it out in front of the world? Who wrote the rule that we have to stick with one thing our whole lives? What if we were immortal? Would we still have to stick with one thing for eternity? No! That would be crazy. So, why should that rule apply to this life? Rant! Rant!

Yes to amazing people on Medium. I have always felt like I was from the Island of Misfit Toys. (Really, I cried over Rudolph every time. ShhhhStill do.) The only time I felt at home in the world was the seven years I spent in college and grad school. I was like, “Wow! There really are other people like me.” I feel like that again in the virtual campus of Medium.

I do enjoy the people in my tangible, small-town world. But, very few of them seem up for dealing with the streaming, steaming contents of my mind. I’ve learned to spare them. It’s just easier.

I suspect my husband thinks I’m crazy. But, he’s very tolerant. He does get a bit testy when there’s no dinner to be seen. I attribute that to low blood sugar.

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