Yeah. Unfortunately, there’s a whole army of followers that will attack you any time you suggest…
H. Nemesis Nyx

Somehow, I missed your exchanges with her partisan sniper. I tried to look this morning, but I couldn’t track them.

I was talking to another writer about her minions on Twitter. Same deal. Crazy for my baby. And very high school.

I had stopped reading her a long time ago, and then she was everywhere again with what seemed like a new, “trust no journalist, except me, of course, trust me” slant. That got my antennae up. It seemed far more insidious and dangerous than all the “be friends with people who would rape and kill you in a heartbeat because the enemy of your enemy who wants to impoverish you and destroy the earth is your friend” crap (as if these allies of convenience don’t also want to impoverish you and destroy the earth).

If you can get people to disbelieve everyone, then there are no facts, and we are ripe for emotional manipulation. Her emotional, repetitive, poorly structured style of writing is a perfect vehicle for this.

I can believe that she is being funded to spread this crap, but I can also believe she, too, may be being manipulated, because she seems so genuinely histrionic and immature about it all. Or maybe she’s a master of subterfuge.

The movies have always led me to expect so much more style from an operative. Sigh.

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