scripten: whether or not the author of the piece is PoC makes no difference in the questioning of…
Yvonne Metiche

Sorry I didn’t see your response till just now, Yvonne.

The reason I responded was because I have a relationship with, Nemesis. If I had not had a prior relationship, I would not have responded.

Nemesis is very fierce on calling people out regarding their online behavior. In this case I saw what I thought was her responding to someone in a way that she herself would not condone. I wanted her to look at that.

I did not feel I was inserting myself in your conversation in that I did not address you or Anoosh. I addressed Nemesis. Since this was a public dialogue, I felt that it was not inappropriate to speak to my friend about something she wrote that I questioned.

I am sorry that I misunderstood that you assumed Anoosh was white. That’s how your words came off to me. I apologize.

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