Yep, there was a funding page, with something like $1,500 of a $2,000 goal last time I saw it.
Caleb Ramsby

That ignorance to 60 in under a minute is what tipped me off, too, Caleb Ramsby. That’s when all the other oddities fell into place for me. So, I didn’t give anything. I just sat back and observed.

I am kicking myself now for letting all the good people here down by not coming out with my suspicions earlier. I didn’t bother to research my suspicions, so they remained that. Without evidence (which I still don’t really have), I didn’t want to slander someone.

What I didn’t know is that Medium has a policy against crowdfunding. I guess it’s in the user agreement. I haven’t checked. Anyway, Medium legal is now on it because that’s a violation of the platform.

It ticks me off royally that she tricked Tre into suggesting crowdfunding to make herself look like a novice.

Cami Gram and Alexainie both gave great advice for someone on the up and up, get a seasonal job and seek out social services, but that is not the route she took.