There’s another saying:
Ron Collins

The split a hare saying is fantastic! I’ve never heard it before.

Re customs and mores, the history of the bathroom and customs around “functions” is fascinating. Yes, I am a design history nerd.

Do you know about the bourdaloue? It was the French lady’s porta-potty.

Francois Boucher, lady using a bourdaloue

Those French. So racy.

I don’t claim to be a genius, but I do have awards, including a national one.

The truth is, given current culture, if I were now designing a public building, I would be remiss not to encourage clients to consider these issues, ones I had not considered myself until the last few years.

Making bathrooms accessible after the fact has been a costly enterprise going on for years, but something one appreciates if one or a family member is in a wheelchair. It sure would have been easier on owners’ wallets if some of these not very old buildings had incorporated this issue while they were in the paper stage.

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