their survivors are tossed into the spotlight of agony.
Why Videos Depicting Police Brutality Encourage Our Mental Immunity
Ezinne Ukoha

This is the part that I think of first when the media, looking for ratings, or “sharers” looking for “I’m with you” cred keep rerunning/resharing these films.

You see, a young man who was gunned down was one of my sister’s school friends. It was a long time ago before cell phones and Facebook, but the incident was captured on security cameras. It was “must see TV” and the media kept it alive, even dragging it out on anniversaries of the incident.

He was not shot by police. The details are not important to my point. The important thing is how this young man’s death was used to sell soap. I had left town by then, but my sister told me how horrible it was for everyone who knew him and excruciatingly traumatic for his family.

I understand how important it is, as Thin Man , says to have documentation of these events, important to stamp out police deniability and white-dominant-culture disbelief. It seems to be having an effect. But at the same, time there is so much callousness and exploitation.

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