God knows, our right to speak frankly to each other, even to our own sons, as man to man, has been compromised enough already,
Just for context’s sake and as no apologetic, I listened to the infamous recording with male ears…
Ron Collins

This is want I would like you to think about and answer for me. Do you think it is a good idea for a father to tell a son:

Son, be rich and famous. If you are, you can grab women by the pussy, and no one will say boo. Go forth and prosper!

I ask you this because, somewhere along the line, Donald Trump got this message. Maybe it was from his father. Maybe it was in the locker room. (It certainly wasn’t in the military — joke.) I don’t know.

I would prefer that children not receive this message. This is not a message that teaches respect for other human beings who happen to be women. I’m sure other women feel pretty much the same way.

This is why women are speaking out about this statement. They are saying:

Yoo hoo, men. What kind of messages are you sending one another in private? If this is what you are saying, you are normalizing this behavior. If you normalize it, if you say “Hey, it’s all in good fun,” this will actually happen to women, maybe even to women you care about. In fact, it’s happening to women every day. It probably happened to a woman you care about. Get a clue.

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