SO, that means the pub in question submitted such a plan to Medium and got approved for the Partner Program. And after that approval, made a decision NOT to pass compensation on to writers
I find that really shocking.
Jack Preston King

To clarify things, Jack Preston King and White Feather , the message received by White Feather asking to publish her piece and stating all profits would accrue to the publication is the boilerplate Medium generates for ANY publication, Partner publication or not, when an editor clicks on the “request this story for your publication button.”

I know this because I am faced with it every time I request a piece, and Resistance Poetry is not part of the Partner Program.

What some editors may not realize is this boilerplate can be modified. I leave the clause in question — mainly because I am leery of the legality of removing it — and add a statement that RP does not do this.

It seems like one more glitch in the system that, if everyone has the same reaction as you two have based on the face value of the boilerplate, will hurt the relationship between small pubs and writers.