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Too funny, I was thinking exactly the same thing as I read the Normans (read North Men) from France part. But, the linguistic stratification of “cultured” word vs. “crude” word/French vs. Anglo Saxon (and we can just forget about the Celtic languages, because the Angles and Saxons stomped them in merry olde England)/defecate vs. shit is spot on.

I was just writing to a friend the other day that this mix of languages makes English such a pleasure. Multiple words for everything gives one the opportunity for such nuance.

We have another example of blended cultural beauty in US cuisine. Cultures have mingled and experimented with each other’s foods. Our choices are now astounding compared to in my youth.

So, my great hope is that sometime in the future something good will come from all the horror. I hope all the hatred is the death throes of a dying culture that’s fighting for its dominance while the world changes around it.

I am such a Pollyanna.

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