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Violet, just Violet, Classical Sass, TeriJo. How do you guys know if you are blocked by someone? Do you get a message? I have blocked other people in the past, but I have never known if I was blocked or not.

I don’t think I’m blocked, at least not yet. I’m attempting to conduct a civil conversation.

I am not a fan of inferring from people’s writings things that they have not actually stated and then accusing them of those things.

I can’t stand it when people I refer to as “psychics” make statements about me or my friends based on the fantasy image they have constructed of that person based on one piece of writing. I think it is very “trolly.” I am not going to do it to other people no matter how angry I get.

I great example of people reading stuff into a piece that just isn’t there is this story that, if you haven’t read it, is totally worth your time.

So, me, now climbing off my soap box to say, I totally understand venting. If feels so fucking good to go off on someone and tear them a new one. I hope when I do I can stick to the facts.

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