i read this earlier and for most of the day, i’ve contemplated on whether i should respond or not.
walkerjo lee

walkerjojones, your words are, as ever, beautiful and meaningful. They are exactly what I was asking for.

I hope you will not mind if I share your words with people beyond this platform, because yours is absolutely the most moving expression of the feelings you share with others that I have read.

When I wrote the piece you responded to, I was responding to a white guy who had written the initiating article. I didn’t feel like his opinion mattered. I wanted to hear the opinion of people who would be affected by all the bad stuff breaking loose. Over the past day I have.

As I’ve said to Violet Oh Violet, who also wrote a very moving response as a stand-alone piece, I’ve taken the safety pin off and gone back to my cloak of invisibility as far as my day to day activities are concerned. Which doesn’t mean that I am not taking action.

I honestly didn’t understand the “fuck you” qualities of the pin. When I put it on, I was very upset, and not just by the election. Someone or a group (no one knows who) tossed Klan fliers encased in ziplock bags with rocks into driveways in two towns in our school district in the middle of the night.

Distributed in Appleton and Union, Maine. Source: The Free Press

Our sheriff’s response, “no cause for alarm or concern that a crime has or will be committed.” No cause for him, maybe. After all, “Police Lives Matter.” Clever, that.

Our community is very freaked out and looking for ways to address this. We have meetings and a march planned, but I was so anxious to take some action before there was a plan in place that I latched onto one small thing. It turns out it was the wrong thing, and I’m willing to admit I was wrong.

I want to take down my initial post, but I don’t think that will be helpful. I think the better course would be to amend it and include an endnote to this discussion, so people can see where the discussion went.

I love you! And I really appreciate the time you took to give such a kind reply to something upsetting to you.

Wishing you peace and safety,


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