Ok, so I went alone.
Jennifer Marie Gady

You did it! You are my hero! You told the truth. It’s all any of us can do.

Now the chips are going to fall where they may. I second Sherry Kappel and TeriJo . In-person companionship would probably be a very good thing right now. Your friends may be waiting for you to ask because they are unsure how to best help you.

If you are worried about retaliation from him or his family, I encourage you to get support from a local women’s shelter.

I don’t know anything about your jurors, but I can tell you this:

If I was on a jury and saw a man laughing at the tearful woman accusing him of beating her, I would form an opinion that that man was cruel and heartless, a total asshole incapable of empathy, the kind of person who would be likely to commit battery. I would think if he was being wrongly accused that he would look pained or sad.

Also, I have no idea what his family looks like or how they behaved in the gallery of the courtroom. But I can tell you that if I were a juror, I would be keeping an eye out for how his posse behaved. If they looked and acted like a bunch of cruel, vindictive people, rather than folks worried about their boy, I would be making a note that this is the kind of people who raised him.

Fingers crossed.

We are here if you need to talk, but there seems to be a big lag time on Medium. And we are not a substitute for live companions.

I’m off to teach a class, but I will check in after.

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