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You fault parents?

Do you really think the benchmark for determining if someone’s parents enlightened, encouraged and nurtured them is that they are financially successful? Do you truly think everyone’s goal should be to make a lot of money?

My guess is you don’t. I find it hard to imagine your professed beliefs would lead you to that conclusion. What happened to the camel fitting through the eye of the needle?

So why do you say this?

In my line of work I meet many wealthy people. Their characters vary greatly. Some of them are wonderful human beings and some are jerks. In my book, good character, not wealth, is a sign of successful parenting.

What do I consider signs of good character?

Honesty. Responsibility (such as paying one’s debts and owning one’s mistakes). Courtesy. Respect. And, for good measure, Humility.

Of course, the list is much longer. I just thought I’d highlight a few of the more important character traits I look for in a public figure.

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