Why Choose Graphic Design?

While trying to decide my path in college, a little research goes a long way.

I’ve just recently decided to double major in Communication Design. I know that enjoy design and I’d like to consider myself somewhat decent designer. (Still learning!) So when looking for an article on graphic design, I chose to read about why it is important. Why did I choose to major in this subject? I felt that it paired well with Strategic Communication, but that was my only thought process throughout my decision to add the major. I read an article titled “What Makes Graphic Design Important?” on a website titled Chrysalis Communications. The first paragraph restates the title and then it breaks up into four different answers:

  1. It makes you look good
  2. It sets you apart
  3. It conveys a message of credibility and professionalism
  4. It summarizes an idea with consistent imagery that resonates

Within those four different answers were further explanations that really describes why graphic design. For a short article, only 480 words, it really got the point across and answered the overall question. The article was readable, the text didn’t go over my head with vocab and lingo that only professional designers can comprehend. It made sense and informed me.

The article was also well suited for the audience. (If that audience is me). The article asked a question and broke it down into four paragraphs. If you’re like me and don’t want to read an article for days, then you are a part of my audience. This article had each answer bolded and gave you the option to read the explanation. Instead of having to read everything to get to the end, the reader was able to read the bold and if their curiosity was sparked, continue reading.

But really the article was compelling. The title was what caught my attention, “What Makes Graphic Design Important?” So now you’re thinking that that title is really lame and how did that catch my attention. Well for starters, that was a question I had been asking myself so it made sense to read up. But also, I liked that it was a stated fact. What Makes Graphic Design Important? I know that if I read this article, I am going to learn what truly makes graphic design special. If the article had been titled “Why I Think Graphic Design Is Important” or “Three Reasons Why Graphic Design Is Important According To Me,” I wouldn’t take it seriously. Those are opinionated titles and those four reasons might as well be:

  1. I like computers
  2. inDesign has a pretty logo
  3. Art is cool

While deciding a major, I need facts and evidence that this is a good path for me. And while I like computers and art is cool, those aren’t good enough reasons.

Thanks Chrysalis Communications, you gave my decision a backbone. I encourage anyone in my position to read it as well, bit.ly/2bG757K. Enjoy!

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