Ketchup sandwiches and other things stupid poor people eat
Anastasia Basil

Growing Up Working

When you grow up in a family of six kids it feels like you are always working. Struggling through college and grad school working and then working two jobs afterwards to pay off school loans you don’t wish on anyone. I made it because I was given some things, I was given enough growing up to make it.

Seeing how much worse it is for others while working in a high school in a Chicago project, and with severely emotionally disturbed kids from DC sent to a foundation school, you can’t even watch the video of the person yelling at the family on food stamps, because you know…you can picture the people you worked with who didn’t have enough of anything, how could that person be that inhumane to someone with food stamps.

Moving to North Carolina, I met more people like that person yelling. Oftentimes it’s in code, and questioning them brings out more hate. And you wonder, how could they be that inhumane.

Then you fall, and you have a head and back injury because of corporate negligence; and people try to blame you.

In the south they even blame God, “it was an act of nature” rather than take responsibility for a hazard they created, they try to blame God.

All of that work and struggle because you didn’t have a lot growing up doesn’t keep you safe from corporations that want to blame you for something they did wrong.

What I can do is tell other people not to even drive through North Carolina, because if you are injured, they have an archaic common law that will blame you, even if it is the fault of the corporation.

I explain it on my petition, that I hope people will read so that they can protect themselves.

Biltmore Farms LLC and Hartford Insurance may take pretty pictures to advertise themselves, but picture loosing everything that you “grew up working” for… . Then picture Biltmore Farms and Hartford and you no longer wonder “how could they be that inhumane”, it’s because they just are, and it’s better knowing that they are.

For me it was mayonnaise sandwiches growing up, now it’s a lot of cereal, and it’s hearing the Cleveland Clinic say you owe us too much, you can’t receive medical care here without taking out another loan.

Please don’t even drive through NC.

Loved this article Ms Basil.

Meg Conway, formerly of Asheville NC