5 Ways to be a Silent Trump Protestor
Patti Mulligan

One of the reasons I can be vocal is because I can no longer work due to an injury in NC.

In my work I had to advocate for patients and staff. Advocating for myself was much more difficult.

It still involved continued harm to me as you will read in my change.org petition.

Not discussed in the petition was that I received unsigned text messages warning me that I wouldn’t succeed with my efforts to advocate for myself.

In part, that’s true because either people didn’t sign my petition because they didn’t believe that companies like Biltmore Farms LLC and Hartford Insurance would actually discriminate against the injured; or, they were afraid that even anonymous signatures could somehow be discovered.

The petition is worth reading if only to protect yourselves. I don’t even recommend driving through NC without reading it.

While I advocate for myself, I’ve also spent my time calling and writing my representatives, commenting on articles, and signing petitions for environmental protections, women’s issues, truth in journalism and media, …

For those reasons I, hopefully along with more than half of the country, will try to accomplish what I can, as your article usefully provides thoughtful examples to help us.

Meg Conway