Decluttering My Life | April 13

Sometimes, things change. Stuff you can’t do a single thing about. In those moments you have two choices: let the bad stuff bring you down, or let it happen and find your own constructive way to deal with them.

A lot of upsetting news has come my way lately. It’s been really hard to deal with it healthfully, trying to be a good friend and also trying to remember to take care of myself. I decided something: I could either be sad and let these uncontrollable circumstances turn my life upside down, or I could do something to make myself feel good for my own sake.

I thought: decluttering. Getting rid of stuff I don’t need. Simplifying. Sounds awful and awesome at the same time. I’m bored, I’m stressed, I need something to do. Why not?

I blame an article I wrote for a client about office decluttering tips and WheezyWaiter for even bringing this idea to my immediate attention, but it’s only been a day since I started and I don’t regret the decision one bit.

My closet is probably the scariest storage space of all, so I’ve started there. I have a stuffed animal problem, apparently, but am happy to say that at this moment, most (MOST) of them have made their way into a bag to be transitioned out of their familiar habitat. Some I just have to keep for sentimental reasons. Obviously.

I want to get rid of textbooks. I want to say goodbye to tote bags I never carry. Maybe I’m taking a metaphor for stress relief a bit too far, but I feel so much better just after one day. I haven’t even scratched the surface (did I mention I haven’t gotten rid of anything since I moved back home after graduating from college … two years ago …?). I’m terrified. And excited. And honestly, a little overwhelmed.

Living simpler may not be one of the 30 goals I’m trying to accomplish before I turn 30, but I’m really hoping it will motivate me to continue working on my other goals. It’s stress-relieving not only in the actual process of going through and getting rid of things, but also in knowing that I’m not surrounded by quite as much junk as before.

Before I started clearing out actual stuff, I tackled my phone. Most of my email accounts are now synced, so I only have to check one. I’ve reduced my number of apps down to one page and could probably delete even more (but getting rid of my YouTube and Starbucks apps, to be honest, probably won’t happen anytime soon). I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER.

Is it hard going through what I own and deciding what to keep and what to give away? Of course. But you just have to do it. If you haven’t used it in over a year or more, you’re not going to now. I don’t “need” a pillow shaped like a bag of Twizzlers. I don’t “need” 500,000 stuffed animals collecting dust on my shelves. I want those things, but for what purpose?I can do without.

Here’s to hoping the next few days will be more productive in terms of actually clearing things out, since all I’ve really done is moved things around and marveled at all the things I forgot I even owned (don’t need them, but they’re fun to look at).

The books, though. Those stay. Forever.