The crisp ale!

What the hell do all of you know? You thieving, ignorant people!

Ignorant of the passions that breed inside you. Ignorant of the reluctance that you could never muster to show. Ignorant of parch in your throat. Ignorant of the sleep in your dreams. Ignorant of the dreams in your sleep. Ignorant of the fire in your belly. Ignorant of the food for the thought. Ignorant of the wrinkles on the backside of your palms. Ignorant of the hush in the tone. Ignorant of the voice inside your head.

Ignorant of the ignorance.

But what do you care? You’ve never been insecure. Never been in doubt. Never been lost. Never been helpless. Never been on the other side of the fence where only people humbled by the chaos within them, wander. Never known what it means to be on an ardent pursuit to know outside your art, your comfort zone.

Stay there as long as you can and swear allegiance to all the commotion. The commotion of all your securities gradually warping around the confidence that bridle your chin.

Stay put, for you don’t want to experience the taste of failure. The liberty to try something new, and fail. Touch the exquisite charm of nothingness, the hollowness that prevails when you are bruised. For you don’t seek uncertainty. It baffles you. For you seek happiness in the repetition, in the mundane. Because the muteness does not deafen you. It comforts you, compels you to slip inside another chapter of regular.

But don’t you think it’s the many firsts that you experienced that makes your memory to struggle against forgetting. The first unusual haircut. The first ride on the giant wheel. The first dip in the pool. The first solo trip. The first time you disagreed with the world. The world which is living in the secure realm somewhere between the bad and the good. In the incessant longing for the pacifying vanity.

I want you to be weak. As weak I am. As cynic as I wish I can be. Because after a certain point in time, the life will lose its magic, will become another run-of-the-mill race till the end.

Like they say, a man is responsible for his ignorance. Don’t let it thieve you off the gullible lightness of being.