The Human Parts Open Thread: Letter to a Stranger
Human Parts

You can call me a stranger.

We went to elementary school together.

All I remember about you, is that you frequently wore an orange tee, and that you were always last in line whenever we had to line up in roll order. I was secretly glad that we were both members of the High-Achievers club. It was something we had in common, I’d reminisce, long after. And, on my last day at the school, Andrew, who I barely knew, asked me if I had a crush on you.

It’s been years since we reconnected.
I mean that, you accepted my Friend Request.
We’re continents apart, yet, I know everything about you.

I know that when your mother died, you collected donations for the Cancer Society, in her memory. I know how much you love playing Ultimate Frisbee. I know all about your startup — the one that’s growing faster than mushrooms in the rainy season; I can see the “CEO” badge flashing on your Profile. I know that I winced, even while I was thinking that you looked good with the girl you asked to prom.

I’ve never had the courage to send you this letter.

Some things are only beautiful when left unsaid.

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