Song on the Beach

Vague attempt to put words into the instrumental ‘Song on the Beach’ by Arcade Fire.

Washing away the weariness,
And bathing in the glow of,
The setting sun on the horizon.

We walked together against time
And the eternal tide of misfortune,
Singing that song on the beach.

When birds of twilight return to their nests
And I see a beautiful blend of vistas created
By the red of the sky and the blue of the sea.

The drumbeat of metropolitan lives
Stops for a moment and reverberates
The melody of your song on the beach.

When winds played with your hair,
And the sands lingered on your toes,
Your smile filled all emptiness around me.

Submerged into the silence and the roar of
The sea touching my feet and aching my heart
Humming into my ears our song on the beach.


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