Towards a Brighter Future

There is no deed more virtuous than spreading knowledge and wisdom. Five students from Makhanlal University, Bhopal are up working for this noble cause. Shweta Dutta, Saurabh Kumar, Sagar Anand, Pankaj Kasrade and Pranshul Shrivastav are playing a teacher’s role for children of villages ‘Baccha’ and ‘Dhaba’ in Betul District, as they have established a library at both the villages. 
The library was inaugurated on July 15 and they also gave a name to the library. ‘Sardar Ganjan Singh Smriti Pustakalay’ in Baccha village and ‘Sardar Vishnu Singh Gond Smriti Pustakalay’ in Dhaba village of Betul respectively. The villagers will take care of the library and some books will be sent to the library by Makhanlal Chaturvedi University in future from time to time. 
The five went to the village to shot a documentary on ‘Vikas Samvad Project’ and found that children there are aspiring a wonderful life by working on their dreams. Shweta Dutta said, “While on round we met a number of the village children — a six-year-old child came to me and said she wants to be like me when she grows up and wants to shoot films just like me.” 
“This made us research a bit about their schooling system. We found out that the village has a school, but has no proper resources for children. Hence we decided to create a library for them” Shweta added. Further, she said, “We have collected 2500 books so far and have arranged them order wise.”
“Many city NGOs like Vishwa Samvad Kendra, Eklavya Foundation and Room to Read helped us with this cause. Apart from that faculty members of Makhanlal Chaturvedi University have also supported us,” Shweta said. 
“When we went to the villages then the kids were happy by seeing the books and some of them were so excited that they instantly opened the book and started reading,” she added.
Another youngster Saurabh told us, “First we thought about opening a library in Bhopal, but then we thought that Dhaba and Bacha’s children need the library more than Bhopal children, as they lack in their schooling resources. We have sorted out the books and packed them in cartons and structured them class-wise.”

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