Schmidt’s Candy, A Traditional Confectionery

Meghan Gill
Mar 29, 2019 · 2 min read

What’s the best reason to eat chocolate?

How about made-from-scratch marshmallows dipped in milk chocolate? Picture caramel whipped up in a copper kettle. Hand-made jellies and cream fillings coated in velvety chocolate. Those are enough reasons, but then add chocolate molded in countless ways. I mean Easter bunnies on boats, driving cars and riding tractors. That’s a hint of traditional candy making. Queens is home to two homemade candy stores. I’m describing Schmidt’s Candy in Woodhaven.

It’s Easter season, and the shop is overflowing with nonpareils, chocolate eggs and hand dipped nut clusters. This is a candy store rooted in family tradition. Shortly after entering the shop I was greeted with a black and white photo of Margie’s grandfather. He opened Schmidt’s nearly a hundred years ago. Margie inherited candy making, and we are better off for it. While we spoke, Margie raced around the store checking the storefront display. She chatted and showed her helper, Florence, how to pack boxes of chocolate Easter eggs. Spring is the busiest time of year, and Margie is working at high speed.

The height of chocolate season is approaching. When Spring is in full bloom people peel off their winter coats and fill their Easter baskets. For me, Schmidt’s chocolate is a family tradition. As a child, Easter bunnies were a given. Every Easter morning, I was delighted to find some sort of chocolate creation from Schmidt’s. That’s the way it is with Schmidt’s. If you grew up with their chocolate, it’s a part of the holiday. You want to share it with your children.

Interested in starting your own family tradition? Most Schmidt’s chocolate is around $18 a pound. That’s half the price of other chocolate shops in the area. Stop by the shop, visit Schmidt’s website or call Margie directly. She ships!

Schmidt’s Candy

94–15 Jamaica Ave,

Woodhaven, NY 1141

Tel: 718.846.9326

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